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About Vicki

Often a child will combine the talents of both parents and become successful in a chosen career. Vicki is a bit different. She combined the talents of her two sons and has launched a successful career as an artist, but an artist with a difference. Son number one has demonstrated an ability to do almost anything with a computer. Son number two is on his way to becoming a successful actor. This combination of computer savvy and artistic flair culminated in the launching of her unique artistic endeavor - computer jewelry.

Ten years ago Vicki began making jewelry in a variety of traditional mediums such as fimo clay, broken glass, and beads. Then, two years ago, her son showed her some pieces from the inside of a computer he had been working on. "They were beautiful," Vicki said, "particularly the copper and titanium pieces." Shortly after that Vicki transformed those pieces into earrings.

Vicki also saw possibilities in other parts of computers, cutting apart mother boards and using those pieces to construct her jewelry. But she always came back to the unusual and beautiful pieces inside the computers themselves, and soon she was taking computers completely apart and discovering all sorts of intriguing bits and pieces. The result has been a full line of computer jewelry ranging from earrings to pins to necklaces.

Vicki's earliest career was as a high school consumer education teacher, but soon she became a full-time mother, nurturing her two sons at home. Throughout her sons' growing up years she also volunteered in a number of positions, including teacher aide, library story teller, and developer of community outreach programs focusing on healthy living. She also served three years on her local school board.

At 37 Vicki was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then she has been active in various cancer- related activities, counseling newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, co-facilitating the Milton S. Hershey Breast Cancer Support Group by leading monthly meetings and planning a yearly schedule with outside speakers, and helping to create and publish a medical resource book, "Show Me," for women diagnosed with breast cancer. She also worked part-time as Director of Community Outreach for the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition.  Currently, Vicki works as a Young Adult Librarian at the Annville Free Library. 

Opportunities keep presenting themselves to Vicki. In 1994 Lebanon Valley College, located just across the street from her home, asked her to serve as the Advisor to International Students. While helping these students to adjust in different ways and generally being a friend and mentor to them, she also had her own horizons expanded and has since traveled extensively to places such as Belize, England, and Serbia.

But regardless of where she travels or what she does, Vicki always returns happily to her home in Annville and enjoys sitting with her husband on their large front porch greeting Annville neighbors and LVC students and faculty. And meanwhile she works away at her latest passion, a passion which combines one of the oldest of human endeavors - jewelry making - with one of the youngest - computers.

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